During the quarantine period, sales of low-alcohol drinks soared. Beavertown Brewery has decided to take advantage of the situation and release a beer that does not contain alcohol. The new beer was named Lazer Crush and received a strength of 0.3% and has 83 cal per 330 ml can.

In the United Kingdom, in May, a record increase in a non-alcoholic beer realization was recorded. Even analysts noted that such a situation is exceptional on the non-alcoholic beer market and that these are incredible indicators for the last five years of stable growth of the segment.

The presentation of a new drink from the North London brewery came shortly after the launch of low alcohol (2.8%) beer called Nanobot.

The new drink has been introduced as “non-alcoholic” but there is some confusion in the United Kingdom regarding labeling for low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. According to the current rules, producers can call a drink “low alcohol” only if its strength is less than 1.2%. Non-alcoholic products must be 0.05% ABV or less. But these rules do not apply in the European Union, where drinks can be considered non-alcoholic if their strength is 0.5% or less.

Naturally, such labeling knocks down the consumer first of all, which is confirmed by the beverage manufacturers. Major manufacturers are now trying to get these rules changed.

The new beer was launched with the aim of capitalizing on a resurgence of interest in light, low-calorie drinks. In addition, Beavertown has opened a new plant in London, which will create strong competition in this market. The company’s goal is to provide as many consumers as possible with a wide selection of beer, including non-alcoholic