The value of Australian wine exports grew by 7% to AUD 2.89 billion ($2 billion) in the 12 months to September 2019, according to new figures from industry body Wine Australia.

This period saw the average value of bottled exports reach a record AUD 6.79 per litre as well as the continued rise in exports to China and “encouraging growth” in exports to the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, South Korea and Belgium.

Export volumes decreased 8%; the climb in export value and the decline in volume meant the average value increased 16% to AUD 3.74 per litre, the highest level since 2009.

According to Wine Australia, wine shipped at an average value of AUD 10 per litre and above reached record levels for both value and volume.

“The positive numbers also reflect that the average value of bottled wine to all but three of our top 20 destinations are in growth and nearly all the major global regions imported more Australian wine in the past year, with the exception of Europe, which declined by 3%,” said Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark.

Meanwhile, Australian wine exports to China (including Hong Kong and Macau) reached a record value of AUD 1.25 billion, an increase of 18%.

Exports to the USA increased by 3% to AUD 436 million. Volume declined by 9% to 146 million litres. The Australian wine sector is now upping efforts to improve its performance in the US.

“September and October marked the largest ever promotion of Australian wine in the USA,” said Clark.

“The recently executed Far From Ordinary campaign included more than 100 wine exhibitors, three nights of consumer events and a six-city roadshow of trade tastings, in a marketing strategy designed to lift the perception and demand for Australian wine among American trade, consumers and media.”

Finally, exports to the UK declined by 4% in value to AUD 365 million and 2% in volume to 233 million litres.

The source: FoodBev Media