The Department of Justice of the USA is completing a government investigation into Beam Suntory’s Indian branch. The company commits to pay a $19.6 million fine for violating the FСPA.

The court document states that for the period 2006–2012, Beam’s Indian office paid grafts and had corrupt deals with Indian officials. One of these deals —  $18,000 corrupt payment for a drinks license. Also, the promotion of the company’s products in-state retail stores, purchases, and renewals of label registrations and licenses were achieved in the same way.

The Prosecution Agreement was delayed 3 years and was promulgated on October 27, 2020, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

The US DOJ said the decision was based on several factors, including the late disclosure of misconduct that led to the investigation, and “significant delay caused by Beam in reaching a timely decision and their refusal to accept responsibility over several years old”.

Following the conclusion of the lawsuits, Beam Suntory announced that it had fired all employees involved in corruption and suspended all commercial activities in India until it was satisfied that the business could be conducted in a completely legal manner.