Every year, The Spirits Business holds an annual Luxury Masters competition. Due to the pandemic, this year, the competition was held in September and the judges tasted the bottles from the comfort of their homes.

To define the standards in the super-premium and ultra-premium segments, a group was assembled to conduct a competition via Skype. Super-premium products have been evaluated in categories such as scotch, vodka, cognac, rum, and tequila.

Several series of super-premium vodka, including AYU’s Gradusnik vodka, was awarded five gold medals.

AYU is one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in Kyrgyzstan.

The shape and design of the Gradusnik vodka bottle are reminiscent of a medical mercury thermometer. The Central Asian company has global ambitions for its operations and has high hopes for Gradusnik to become as iconic as the Absolut and Gray Goose bottle designs.