The American rock band Kiss has cooperated with the Swedish company Brands for Fans to create a branded series of alcoholic beverages.

Known for their unconventional style, Kiss already has two product projects under development at Brands for Fans. Partners promise to disclose detailed information about the drinks “in the near future.” The release of two premium alcoholic drinks is scheduled for the end of this year in Europe, Japan, and Austria. Drinks are released under the Kiss brand as a cooperation between the rock band and Brands for Fans, mediated by Epic Rights.

“The first money I earned was spent buying Kiss records. And now, 4 decades later, working with my idols, I don’t even know how to start it. Bringing the brand “KISS” to the superior spirits market is an incredible experience. And I firmly believe that they have chosen the right associate for this. ” – admitted Sari H. Wilholm, Marketing Director of Brands for Fans.

The decision of glam rock legends to partner with Brands for Fans is logical, as the company already has experience in creating products for such famous bands as Motörhead, Slayer, Ghost, Judas Priest, and Scorpions.