The renowned Scotch whiskey maker has unveiled a new collection of old single malt whiskeys from 40 to 78 years old.

The Red Collection is a series of six whiskeys aged 40, 50, 60, 71, 74, and 78 years old, the latest of which is the oldest alcoholic beverage Macallan has ever produced.

The labels for the two batches of whiskey were created by Javi Aznarez. One of the lots will be sold at the next Halloween auction, and the second will remain with The Macallan. A complete set of six bottles will be offered for an estimated price of £200,000 to £800,000. The money for the sale of the whiskey will be donated to a charity that helps the poor in London.

Jonny Fowle, the spirits specialist at Sotheby’s, said:

“Selling a unique whiskey from The Macallan is an amazing chance for collectors to acquire the oldest whiskey. But we also offer the opportunity to bargain for The Ultimate Whiskey Collection as part of our first Halloween auction. This is the third time The Macallan has partnered with The Macallan, and we look forward to selling The Red Collection to such a great extent to support people in need across London. ”

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