Suntory, a Japanese spirits manufacturer, has cooperated with 11 companies to establish a new enterprise. It will develop innovative plastic recycling technology.

The new cooperation management enterprise, named R Plus Japan, is the union of several companies. Among the raw material producers, packaging fabricators, and also, beverage companies.

Last year, Suntory evolved a new plastic usage policy to facilitate social and environmental responsibility. By 2030, the company will strive to use 100% environmentally friendly plastic bottles. This is achieved through the use of recycled materials or materials based on plant fibers. This technological approach is planned to be used in all produced PET bottles.

The management of R Plus Japan told about their goals:

The founding of R Plus Japan is an important step towards a closed-loop economy. In our world, where there is an excess of plastic waste, recycling used plastic and recycled materials usage ensures the rational use of resources. We hope to accelerate the increasing market share and commercialization of environmentally-friendly plastics processing technology by 2027.


Photo: The Suntory Yamazaki Distillery in Osaka, Japan
Author: The Spirits Business

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