The auction includes one of the world’s largest private collections of American whiskey – Pat’s Whisky Collection, including 25 bottles of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon and a nearly complete collection of antique Buffalo Trace.

This assemblage consists of more than 9 thousand bottles and already has a stated price of $5 million. Bidding will continue until June 2021.

The collection will be sold in two parts. The 2nd part of Pat’s Whisky Collection will feature over 630 lots of American whiskey. Bidding started on October 9 at the Whiskey Auctioneer and will be until October 19. 

The Pat’s bottle collection includes a 23-aged Pappy Van Winkle that will be of interest to many collectors. The collection of Old Fitzgerald bottles will also be on display. In addition, the collection contains about 100 unique Jack Daniel’s bottles from the most valuable collections.

Joe Wilson, Head of Content at Whiskey Auctioneer, commented on the launch of the collection:

“The collection is an astounding amount of unique bourbon. It contains both unique examples of past years and modern works.

According to the owner, the main value of the collection is its completeness.

“Bourbon and American whiskey is what became the core of my collection and helped me understand in which direction to develop and expand it.”

“The history of American whiskey is fascinating and complex. Solving this puzzle together is a task full of exploration and discovery. However, now has been an emotional revelation for me as I prepare to sell to some outstanding examples. Besides, I will definitely keep a few bottles for my own consumption.”

The remaining parts of this collection will be sold in stages over the next 9 months.


Source: TheSpiritBusiness