In June 2021, one of the most complete whiskey collections will be auctioned with an approximate cost of $5 million.

More than 9000 samples of the best whiskey from all over the world will be on sale. Due to size, this collection will be sold in several stages. For example, the first part consisting of American whiskey was exhibited on September 25th and the auction will continue until October 5th.

The history of the collection is also not quite simple, as well as its components. It has been accumulated over 15 years by an anonymous collector who not only collects but also gains knowledge and experience in the world of whiskey.

According to Ian McCloon, the significance of this collection bases in its entirety, it fully represents many of the most famous whiskey ultra-premium series from the best manufacturers in the world, but not only that.

  Besides, the uniqueness of the collection lies in the fact that hardly anyone will ever be able to reproduce such a collection on the open market without purchasing large private collections directly, even considering that good whiskey can be found anywhere and at any price. In addition to holding an auction, the Whiskey Auctioneer invites buyers to get insider access to a unique collection and get to know it personally.

“The forthcoming bargainings are a rare opportunity for spirits collectors to get hold of truly unique specimens and, most importantly, something to enjoy,” he continued.

Bidding will last until June 2021 and will be split into several auctions.