The company “Diageo” proclaimed the procuring of pecuniary assistance to the mondial bar industry for $ 100 million to overcome the situation provoked by the pandemic crisis.

Assistance will be granted to most hotel industry centers in most major cities of the world.

This project amount contains a $ 20 000 000 public funds that were previously proclaimed to aid the United States trade sector.

The project “Raising the Bar” will submit objective aid to assist pay for the facilities needed to restart establishments operations.

For example, in the United Kingdom, the company “Diageo” will grant primary subsidization for the purchase of disinfectants and personal protective equipment, as well as the development of contactless payment methods and an online ordering system in pubs and bars.

The project will begin the work in July and will last until July 2022. Those wishing to participate in the project can register on the web resource (worldwide) and (the United Kingdom and Ireland).

Diageo CEO Ivan Menezes said: “Pubs and bars are always been centers that brought people together. Our company launched the project “Raising the Bar” because the pandemic crisis has affected a lot of establishment, and after all this, they try to return to normal operation, which is very difficult to do without support.

“We urge governments of all states of the world to provide long-term recovery packages to help the hotel business. These enterprises play an important social role and provide web resources of jobs that help young people with the first opportunity to earn money.”