Diageo informed that since the beginning of 2021, plastic will not be used in the packaging of Johnnie Walker scotch. This is due to a reduction in the amount of plastic waste in the world.

The new packaging developed with Pilot Lite will be made of wood pulp. Such material meets all quality standards for food packaging and is recyclable.

The result of this collaboration was the creation of Pulpex LTD, which will develop and produce paper packaging.

The newly formed company also intends to produce packaging for some companies, including large manufacturers of soft drinks. The start of sales of new products is planned next year.

Nowadays, manufacturing companies are subject to increased attention in connection with the control of the amount of plastic used in the packaging of food products. For example, the percentage of plastic used in Diageo`s products does not exceed 5 in the total amount of packaging.

As part of the UN’s eco-efficient development programs, Diageo, along with other major manufacturers, is committed to reducing the use of plastic in its packaging by 2025