long island iced tea
long island iced tea
long island iced tea
long island iced tea
long island iced tea
long island iced tea

long island iced tea


1.5 cl Gin

1.5 cl Tequila

1.5 cl Vodka

1.5 cl White Rum

1.5 cl Triple sec

3.0 cl Gomme syrup

2.5 cl Lemon juice, fresh

1 dash of Cola






Lemon spiral or wedge


Add all ingredients into highball glass filled with ice.
Stir gently. Garnish with lemon spiral / wedge. Serve with straw

Long Island iced tea — a unique cocktail, which has become a mix of almost all existing strong alcoholic drinks (gin, vodka, rum, tequila, orange liquor) — and get a decent result.

This long island tea cocktail has a strength of 28% and simple preparing technology. The appearance and smell resemble iced tea. Due to these properties, during the Prohibition period in the USA (1920-1933), long island drink was served under the guise of a soft drink.

During Prohibition in the 1920s in the USA, underground bars or Speakeasy bars operated in New York, where alcohol was spilled illegally. Many police officers and officials knew about such establishments, but they did not know that instead of hot or cold tea, teapots served long island tea in teapots.

Over time, the long island cocktail was modernized, there was no need to hide alcohol at tea, so the fortress is not such a problem as before. The “long iced tea” grew stronger. And visitors to the bars more than once argued over who will drink more cocktails.

Under another version of the origin of this cocktail, the bartender Robert Butt invented the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail. A certain man who loved to drink whiskey often came to his bar. However, after a hefty dose of alcohol, he lost control of himself and arranged a brawl. His girlfriend made him make a choice — she or whiskey. The man chose the girl.

At the next party, the girl allowed her beloved to drink only iced tea. When she left, this man asked the bartender to add strong alcohol to his tea. The bartender was not at a loss and poured everything he had at hand: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and orange liquor, which became the long island recipe. No one noticed the substitution. Later, instead of tea, they began to add cola to the long island iced tea mix.

Who invented the name

long island iced tea cocktail began much later. It is believed that the cocktail was coined in 1970. However, on the account of the one who invented it, there are several versions. According to one of them, this is bartender Chris Bendixen from a nightclub in Smithtown on Long Island. On the other — Robert Butt from the famous OBI (Oak Beach Inn) club on Long Island. According to the third version — it was Great Nack Craig Weisman, a bartender from the Leonards bar, also located on Long Island. One way or another, a cocktail is created. And whether you love him or not, he has already entered the list of classic cocktails according to the International Barmen Association (IBA).

Classic Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

The Long Island iced tea recipe is pretty simple.  A special taste and the popularity it gained because of the amazing hand-picked ingredients that perfectly match each other. The classic Long Island iced tea cocktail recipe necessarily includes such components in approximately equal proportions: vodka, white rum, tequila, Cointreau orange liqueur, as well as lemon or lime juice.

Long island iced tea ingredients:
 – 1.5 cl Gin
 – 1.5 cl Tequila
 – 1.5 cl Vodka
 – 1.5 cl White Rum
 – 1.5 cl Triple sec
 – 3.0 cl Gomme syrup
 – 2.5 cl Lemon juice, fresh
 – 1 dash of Cola

In addition to classics, bartenders know how to cook other recipes. Experiments with the replacement of long island ingredients gave the world such varieties of this wonderful drink:
 – “Alaska Iced Tea” – despite the change in “geography”, it’s the same “Long Island”. In this case, instead of white liquor, it contains “Blue Curacao”;
 – “Peach Long Island” is made with vodka from this fruit, and not with tequila, as in the classic version;
 – “Tokyo Ice Tea” with liqueur “Midori” with melon taste, and instead of cola there is lemonade.

There are many recipes how to prepare Long Island. A large number of ingredients in a long island gives space for experimentation. By changing one ingredient, you can find your own, unique recipe.

For example, use iced tea, cranberry juice, or phantom instead of cola. To replace orange liquor with another, for example, peach. Instead of white rum, add regular brown. The main principle of this mix is a bit of everything, but stronger.

Helpful tips

All ingredients except Coca-Cola must be well beaten in a special shaker, only after that pour the contents into a large glass and fill with cola.
The drink is very strong, so it must be consumed in small sips through a straw.
The long island iced tea drink is served with fruit slices and vegetable canapes.

On paper, the Long Island Iced Tea is one hot mess of a drink. Four different – and disparate – spirits slugging it out in a single glass, along with triple sec, lemon juice and cola? The recipe reads more like a frat house hazing than one of the world’s most popular cocktails. And yet, somehow, it works. That’s because the Long Island Iced Tea succeeds where so many of today’s refined cocktails fall short: It’s boozy AF – more than four ounces of alcohol against less than half that amount in mixers. Unless you’re a sailor on shore leave, that’s a red-flag ratio rife with morning-after consequences. It’s also precisely what a person needs every now and then. Best then not to intellectualize the Long Island Iced Tea and simply love it for what it is: an easy-gulping, one-and-done stiffy. If you’re looking to tame your tea a bit, pull back the boozy parts from three-quarter ounce to half-ounce, and lean in on the cola. The good people of Long Island won’t be offended.

Included in the list of IBA official cocktails.


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