5 cl Cachaça

1/2 Fresh lime (4 wedges)

2 teaspoons sugar




Old Fashioned


Lime wheel


Place lime and sugar in an old fashioned glass and muddle. Fill glass with ice and Cachaça.

For a Caipiroska – use Vodka instead of Cachaça

In Brazil, Caipirinha is dearly loved, you can buy it in every bar, on the beach or just a crowded place. Caipirinha is often made with other fruits, passionfruit, pineapple, kiwi …

The origins of Caipirinha

The origin of Caipirinha dates back to the 1800s. In Brazil, slaves liked to drink “garapa”, which was sugar cane juice that they simply boiled, without fermenting it. During festivals and rituals, they mixed their garapa with the local cane sugar brandy (“cachaça”) which they gave in part to the spirits of the dead.

They also mixed fruit juices or spices there: the famous “batidas” were born, and the most famous was the “batida de limao”, which was made with the juice of limes. It was the prototype of the Caipirinha.

Over time, batida de limão began to add slices of lime, the rind of which gave the original flavor to the Caipirinha cocktail. Thanks to technologies that help make the cocktail cold and therefore fresher, it is easier to drink and more common. The name Caipirinha was given to him in 1900 and comes from a mixture of Caipira and Curupirinha.

The Caipirinha recipe

The Caipirinha is very easy to make and is prepared in the glass. An old-fashioned glass is used, which, of course, is used for many other cocktails.

The alcohol that makes up Caipirinha is cachaça, a Brazilian rum! But then, what are the differences? Rum and cachaça are both obtained by distillation from sugar cane but through different techniques. Rum emerged at the start of the 17th century in the British Caribbean colonies, while cachaça came from Brazil. And then the rum can titrate between 40% and 60% of alcohol volume, while the cachaça is limited to 40%.

The variations of Caipirinha
Strawberry Caipirinha, Raspberry Caipirinha, or even Mango Caipirinha: you can use the original Caipirinha recipe by adding seasonal fruits. Just be sure to crush them to the bottom of the glass before adding the ice!

Included in the list of IBA official cocktails.

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